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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't Waste Time Trying to "Knit" with a Needle and Thread

Today was spent finishing some hems and repairing holes in sweaters.

The sweaters are the lightweight ribbed kind with a turtleneck. If a customer requests that I repair a hole where the neckline has separated from the collar area, I will do this, but I warn that it will never look the same as it did when it was new. No matter how much care I take, I can never make this blend well, because the original seam has been knitted together, not sewn. The best I can do is use an exact color match in the thread, then pull the loose loops together. It takes a long time to catch all of those loose threads, too.

If this knitting comes apart in one of my own sweaters, I give it away! It will always look repaired.
Take a look at the photo to see what I mean.

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