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Monday, March 9, 2009

Lined Slacks

Today I'm shortening those lined slacks from last week.

The outer layer is shortened exactly the same as unlined slacks. The slacks I have today are a little higher quality, and actually have hem tape at the edge of the hem. This takes the place of serging. It's an extra step to rip this off at the beginning, and I reattach it after cutting.Since the hem doesn't need to be serged after cutting, though, the time factor is about the same.

I never mark the lining. I fold it up while it's on the sleeve board, measure the amount to shorten, and ½" for good measure, and just press into place.
After that I cut off the excess, leaving 1" hem allowance. I can then fold that in half to create the double hem, press and sew. Hopefully the pictures will illustrate this.

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