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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pocket Repairs and a New Button

Today I reattached the pocket flap on an overcoat. This is fairly easy because the lining on a coat is usually unattached at the hemline. All I had to do was position the machine in between the lining and the coat, then stitch. The stitch lines are already there, they are the pocket flap topstitching. I use a smaller stitch to add strength.

The button has a reinforcement button on the inside of the coat. The hand stitches that attach the outer button are drawn through to the under side to pick up the smaller button. Since you attach both buttons at the same time, getting them lined up is a little tricky. It takes extra time.

When you put buttons on a coat, make sure you leave room to make a shank underneath. It makes buttoning much easier and your coat front will lie flat when buttoned.

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