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Monday, March 9, 2009

Topstitched Hem

Today's hem is in a striped jean type pair of pants. They have a little spandex in them which makes the hem go in beautifully. I've used a different technique today.
I folded the hem into position, measuring all the way around.

After pressing this into place, I unfolded them and marked the cutting line with tailor's chalk. The hem line should be 1"-1½" from the cut edge. On these pants I did not have to remove the existing hem because the amount to be shortened was several inches.

The next steps are actually the same as shortening the lining, as in yesterday's post. I fold on the new hem line and press. After unfolding this on the sleeve board, I fold the cut edge until it meets the new pressed line. Press again. Then I can fold this up twice and my new hem is set.

Press this for the threads to retain memory. Stitch ½" to ¾" for the bottom edge.

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