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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I finally finished that Carharrt Alteration!

Ok, as for the rest of the Carhartt jacket zipper alteration...
Each side of the jacket is different. As you can see in the finished product photo, the right side has a wind flap beneath the zipper and the left side has it over the top. In this jacket, the left side is easier to sew. Since the two layers are still attached, I merely sandwiched the new zipper between those, then stitched very close to the edge. I went back and stitched again, about ¼" to the left.

The right side is a little trickier. I aligned the zipper tape with the edge of the lining and basted. Then I stitched close to the edge, moving that flap out of the way so as to only catch the zipper tape and the lining.

Then I topstitched with jean thread, double stitching on the front of the coat. This created a slightly off line stitching on the underside, which will never be noticed.

Sometimes this requires some rip and redo, because you are trying to get good looking stitching on the outside, while catching all the layers on the inside.
All in all, the project turned out very well, and I was really proud of my work. When I get another one of these to work on, though, I will charge more than I do for a regular jacket zipper, because it was very labor intensive!

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