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Monday, November 2, 2009

Alterations to the Bustline of a Formal Must Be Planned Carefully

The pictures I've chosen to share with you today are a bit unique. They show the inside of a bridesmaid dress. Can you guess what's unusual about this? Look closely at the boning.
The manufacturer has chosen to put horizontal boning in, beneath the bustline.

At first glance this seems like a good idea. It's almost like an underwire bra built right into the dress!

It is a bit limiting, though, because the "girls" cannot be much bigger than the space allows, otherwise the boning will ride up in an uncomfortable way. If the seamline is kept down where it belongs, under the bust, then a women who is well endowed will be popping out of the top!

On the other hand, I'm sure it provides wonderful support for the bridesmaid who is the right bust size. It may even eliminate the need for a bra.

The cup size can still be taken in for a smaller busted woman, but removing the horizontal and vertical boning will be quite time consuming.

All in all, this dress proves two things. Number one, some alterations simply cannot be done. Without additional fabric to provide the right coverage, a bridesmaid who is a bit bigger on the top will never be comfortable wearing a dress with a clearly defined bustline, especially if it includes boning.

Number two, support for a dress comes in a variety of forms. If the inner construction is done well, it can accentuate the bustline in a flattering way, while providing the proper fit in a garment that will show off the wearer's assets!

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