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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Altering a Wedding Gown to Become a Christening Gown

Today's project is a MAJOR alteration. I am making a Christening gown for a 6 month old baby. The fabric and ornamentation will come from her grandmother's wedding gown.
I started by making a muslin and trying it on the baby. It was my youngest fitting ever!!

The wedding gown is pictured here, after I began carefully ripping along the princess seam, removing the lace as I split open the seam.

The bodice of the dress looks like this, so I am going to preserve the beads for the baby's front skirt.

After removing the center piece, as shown here, I need to decide how to get this flat piece into the dress that is all gathered beneath the yolk. Although the piece is tapered, I removed some of the beads and straightened out the top edge.
The last picture here shows the center piece pinned to the center of the muslin.
I now can cut out the rest of the pattern pieces using the muslin pieces as a pattern. I will assemble them as the pattern directions instruct.
Tomorrow I will show the finished product.

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