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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alteration Tools

Doing alterations with any speed requires the use of some good tools. They don't necessarily have to be expensive, nor do they have to be found in the fabric store.

Here is a common knife blade that you will find at your local hardware or craft store. They come in different sizes and vary in cost. I think this one was a dollar!
Although you can't see the tip, here, it is basically a razor blade with a safety handle. The tip is cut at an angle. This one also has sections that can be snapped off, as the tip becomes dull. Look closely at the diagonal lines in the blade in picture one.

I use this to remove hem stitching, as shown. I also use it for removing zippers. It makes ripping a long line of stitching easier and faster, as long as you are careful not to nick the fabric.

It helps to hold the garment taut, so that the blade glides easily as it cuts the stitching. This will also help you keep from accidentally cutting into the fabric.
Of course you will still have to pick out all those cut stitches after you are through. I don't really have a tool that makes that task go any faster!

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  1. Try using a lint roller. :) It picks the threads right off.