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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life is in the Details

Today's lesson: Pay attention to what you're doing! I have a stack of alterations today, many of which are black slacks. I've read the tags attached by the dry cleaner, so I can estimate my sewing time. I also group my hand sewing tasks so that I can put a TV show in the DVD player and kind of watch while I work. Although I know it slows me down a bit, I use the DVD player as motivation to get to my sewing room. It's not as big of a distraction as a sink full of dirty dishes or my email or Facebook accounts.
Or so I thought, until I removed a perfectly good zipper from the pants that need a repair near the pocket area. Now, I not only have to put that zipper back in, I have to start the whole zipper process over again with the right pair of pants. . Carelessness will cost you money!

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