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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today's Alteration is Hemming Jogging Pants

Jogging pants are essentially lined pants, but the lining doesn't have to be hemmed separately, as in dress slacks.
It is best to baste the lining to the outer fabric and treat this "sandwich" as one piece of fabric.
After basting, mark the new hem. Turn pants inside out and press the new hem up on the line you just marked.
Unfold this new hem allowance and mark 1½" down from that fold line. Cut here.
Fold up 3/4", press, then double this and you will be folding along the first crease that you made marking the new hemline. You now have a hem that is double thick and encases the lining.
I usually turn the pants right side out at this point and top stitch the hem. Go around again and stitch a scant ¼" down from your first stitching, or use a double needle to give the pants a professional look.
Pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. Technical difficulties :(

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