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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tools to Hem Jeans Professionally

Above you see two tools that I use when hemming jeans. The first one is optional, the second one is a must. The good news is, the first one can be pricey, the second one is dirt cheap!
If your machine came with a jeans foot, you should be using it if you're working on any heavy fabric. It has a spring action so it adjusts to heavy fabric as you sew.
This prevents skipped or uneven stitches.

The second picture show a notion that is available in your fabric store, or online. It is called  Jean a Ma Jig. You put it under the back-end of your presser foot as you approach a big hump, say the side seam of jeans when you are topstitching the hem. This enables the foot to level out, instead of running up hill. When you're almost through the thick part, you move it to the front so your foot remains level.
I would not be without this nifty tool and I use it almost daily. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the jean a ma jig in action.
By the way, you should always use a Size 18 needle. Your machine will behave better and the needle is less likely to break. As a matter of fact, I use an 18 for almost everything but formal wear.

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