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Monday, May 31, 2010

Replace a Zipper on a Bubble Coat

Once in a while, you get to do a job that turns out really super. I replaced the zipper in this winter coat. It could have given me fits, matching all those horizontal seams, but this one went in beautifully. Thank goodness, because ripping stitching on that fabric is a pain.

coat zipper

Here is the whole jacket. Look at all those points to match: top of collar, base of collar, three horizontal seams, top of waistband, bottom of waistband! Wow!

coat zipper

Here's the top half close up. The top of the zipper looks off, but it's really just bending backward a bit.

coat zipper

And here is the bottom half close up. Whew, lots of attention to detail on this alteration. I'm very happy with the result.


  1. Thanks for the question, Glory. The pages on my blog are photos and brief notes about projects I've recently been working on. The step by step tutorials are listed on the left. I don't have a "replace jacket zipper" yet. I have one in the works, to be published this summer. I do have a blog page on a Carhartt coat zipper that you might like. It is here: