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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Adding Zippers to a Policeman's Vest

As most of us know, those in law enforcement have to rely on a lot of gear to help them in their jobs. Much of those items go on a belt, or two, that an officer wears. In addition to that, he will often wear a protective vest.

In this case, the officer had a difficult time getting his vest to fasten over all that bulk. He asked me to insert zippers in the side seams in order to give him more room.

fraying bra strap

To begin with, I ripped open the side seams with a seam ripper. This was a bit time-consuming because the vest was so well constructed!

fraying bra strap

I cut a black jean zipper down to size, by creating a thread stopper at the length I wanted, then cutting off the bottom excess. Then I basted this into place. Then I stitched it, using a jean needle.

Sew new strap to front

I think it turned out really well. As you can see, it zips from the waist upward until it reaches the snap. I'm happy to help out anyone who puts their life on the line for my safety. Thanks, officer!

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