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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Taking in Gigantic Sleeves

This customer happens to be my dear daughter. Although I'd never think to charge her, she pays me back with good deeds and favors. That's a great trade-off to me!

This shirt came with the largest sleeves I've ever seen. It looked more like a Gospel singer's robe. She asked me to make it more attractive.

take in sleeves

To begin with, I turned the top inside out. I then pin marked the amount of sleeve I wanted to remove, leaving it wide enough to fit with the style of the dress. Look closely and you can see my pin.

Ick...sorry for the lousy picture!

fraying bra strap

Next I sewed a new seam. I started at the pin mark and continued through the side seam and into the side. Since I was not taking in the side seam, I tapered my new line into the old line of stitching.

Sew new strap to front

The shirt is ready for her to try on. If the seam is correct, I will serge off the excess, then press the seam. Not a bad investment of time to make a cute shirt wearable, huh?

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  1. Love it! I guess I should go try it on now, huh?