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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Cincinnati Reds Alteration!

In honor of my beloved Cincinnati REDS becoming National League Central Champs last night, I have decided to do an alteration for myself today. I've had this Bench #5 baseball shirt for many years, but seldom wear it because it is soooo big. I've put off altering it because I don't see and easy way to cut it down. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comment box below. I'm open to almost anything.

fraying bra strap

Here is the front of the shirt. The sides are way too big and it is too long. It could use some princess seams, too. Maybe. But it's gotten to the point where several people in my family may wear this to a Reds game, so I don't want to make it too gender specific!

fraying bra strap

As you can see, I can't really take up the shoulders, because of the way they are constructed. That's my usual first place to alter.

Sew new strap to front

Here is the back. I'm tempted to add some princess seams here too, but I hesitate because of the stripes and the lettering.

fraying bra strap

As you can see, the side seams need to come in. The problem is, they are flat felled seams, so duplicating that would take a longggg time. Stay tuned. We'll see what I decide to do.


  1. Jean FlorianSeptember 29, 2010

    I think you may have to undo the flat-felt seams of the raglan sleeve with front pieces, and with back pieces. Then I would consider removing an inch or so in a curve from the upper armpit to the center seam under the arm on the white fabric, both front and back edges. Also remove from both edges of the red fabric. Then take in the side seams by an inch or more, shirt and sleeves.

    On the other hand, maybe just taking the side seams in considerably, mostly shirt and some of the sleeves may do the trick. Raglan sleeves just fit so well, that I am thinking the bulk is in the circumference of the shirt. To take that in, wouldn't you also have to take in some of the sleeves under the arm to fit to the smaller shirt?

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  3. Now, Jean...Who said I wanted to do this the RIGHT way??!! Hehe
    You've said what I know in my brian, but I don't wanna do. After all, this client (me) doesn't pay the Stitchin Magician well at all ;)
    I'm thinking about taking a bunch in on the sides and through the sleeves so I won't have to redo the flat felled seam. I'll pin it out and take a pic.