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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Laura's Dress is Finished!

Remember last month when I had a live model for a  vintage dress remake ? Well, Laura's dress is now finished and here are pictures of the results. Sorry about the flash in the first one. Obviously I'm a better seamstress than photographer.  I'm glad I got the chance to work on such a fun project. I will write up the full details on the  LearningAlterations website soon.


The dress fits Laura well, now. And the design is much more updated. No more '80's shoulder pads and cap sleeves! She hasn't gotten a bra yet that will accomodate that scooped back, but we want to show off the dress.

Here you can kind of see both sides. Tightening that side seam brought the side edge up closer under her arms and made it fit snugger in the back as well.

Well, ignoring the exposed bra, you get an idea of how the back fits. The buttons at the neck are offset, since I moved the clasps. She will decide later whether or not to take those off, center them or reposition them side by side. The dress is  a hit and she can't wait to wear it. Right Laura??

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