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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are Your Jacket Pockets Flipping Open?

Sometimes when you buy a suit or ladies dress slacks the pockets are sewn shut. Why, you ask? Well the manufacturer wants to be sure the garment retains its shape, even on the sales rack. You can remove the stitching after purchase, if you want. Some ladies, however, chose to keep the pockets closed in order to keep their slacks smooth and attractive. It's really a matter of choice. In this case, however, the gentleman had a suede coat. The pockets had stretched out of shape and became unattractive. He wanted them sewn shut.

Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture. Here you see the finished product at a distance. Some pressing was needed in order to steam the pocket into shape. This type of pocket, by the way, is called a "welt pocket"

Choosing a matching color thread makes all the difference.. The stitches are visible here, in a close up photo, but you cannot see them from a distance. I left enough gap to give a natural look and a little movement to the fabric. Stitching too tightly would look awkward and pull the fabric ends too close. All in all an easy alteration that requires just a bit of attention to detail. Then again, don't they all?

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