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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Challenge of Today...Master the settings on my New Machine

As you will see in the photos for some of the upcoming blog posts, I have a new sewing machine. I finally broke down and got an industrial. I really love the way it sews, though I'm still getting used to the settings and features. I've been working on a project using very thin monofilament thread and my installer has set the machine to handle this. Today, however, I need to alter some slacks that are a white denim type fabric. I changed my needle and adjusted the tension. I practiced on scraps and the stitch looked beautiful. But I forgot to look at the back side . Sigh...

Well, the photo isn't great because the waistband is not lying flat, but you can see that the stitches look good. I used a normal weight thread and a heavier thread together, both going through the same needle. I've done this a lot with my old machine, using regular single strand thread in the bobbin, as explained in this post.
fraying bra strap
But as you can see, the under side looks like a bird's nest! Yikes. This machine is not happy having the bobbin thread weight not matching the needle thread.
After lots of trial and error, I have rethreaded with the monofilament thread, so I can finish that project and I will straighten this mess out later.

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