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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What You're Altering...Invisible zipper questions

I've been getting so many questions about things that you guys are altering, that I've decided we can all benefit from the answers. Please feel free to offer your own comments that may help our readers.
Our first question comes from My. She writes:

I've been stressing out on my dress with an invisible zipper attached. The dress is loose on me, so I wanted to know if it's okay to carefully remove the zipper and sew it back on in a new position, or if the zipper would be too damaged to be reused? Also, is it okay if the zipper if shorter than the center back? Maybe I can use buttons at the edge of the neck instead? Thank you so much!

You can certainly remove the zipper and replace it. If you are careful, you can easily reuse the same one. Just remove the old threads. Sometimes a shot of steam from the iron will perk it up, if it is wrinkled.

With the dress on, pinch out the amount of fabric you need to take in. Measure that amount and create a new seam line for the center back. You will need to taper it into the existing seam line down below the zipper, or take in the entire center back seam.
You have three options if the zipper is too short.
1. Buy a longer zipper. It is actually the best if an invisible zipper is 2 or more inches longer than you need.
2. Close up part of the center back seam. Be sure you have enough room to get into the dress with a smaller opening.
3. As you've said, attach a couple of buttons at the neck edge. I always look for way to introduce new design features!
Good luck with the project. Let me know how it turns out.

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