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Monday, May 23, 2011

What You're Altering...Which Suit Pants are Easiest to Alter?

John has an interesting question for us today. See if you agree with my response.
He writes:
Which would be easier to alter for a proper fit: a pair of mens suit pants that fit slightly tight in the waist and definitely too tight in the crotch, or a pair of suit pants that fit too loose in the waist, slightly too loose in the crotch, and too loose in the thigh?

I would always go with pants that are too big. You never know how much the manufacturer is going to leave in a seam allowance. Sometimes, there is just nothing there to let out.

You can alter the crotch/thigh area at the same time, basically. The waist is not difficult. You should use these directions if you need to split the waistband. Otherwise, use the directions for letting out the waistband here. Just make your seamline to the left of the original seam, not the right, as shown. If the pants are facing the way they are in Step Four, the left will take them in, the right will let them out.

I am currently working on a page for altering the thigh. It is on women's pants, but the instructions are the same. Let us know how things go.


  1. PurpleivyMay 26, 2011

    Well, I would agree about having the slacks too big! I'm altering a Mother of the Bride dress at the moment and having to find an extra 4" round the waist!

  2. Oh, I do hope that's one of the 'paying' jobs, purpleivy. Mothers of the bride can be aliens, you know. How are you finding the extra fabric? Are you adding a gusset? I'd love to hear more. Good luck