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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anyone interested in pieces of clothing from the 40s and 50s?

Hi Everyone.
I got this nice note from Tina, reprinted below. Go to the Contact Me button and leave me a note if you are interested.

Hi, I was just wondering if you or someone you know would be interested in some pieces from my cousins grandmother they are gorgeous but need some TLC or could be reworked into something fabulous.I can just not bring myself to throw them out.They are dresses from I think the 40's and 50's.Thank you for any ideas.
You Rock,

Hi Tina
Thanks for contacting me. I don't think I have any use for them, but someone might. I'll reprint your note on my blog and see what response I get. I will not give out your email address, but will wait to see if someone contacts me.
Thanks for your kind words, too :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Gown Emergency PART 3

Here are the results of my work. The ribbon color reflects a lot of the flash in these shots. It is actually very close in color to the dress.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding Gown Emergency PART 2

Decision Number One: I will not dismantle this dress. I do not have time. I could do it right if the wedding were later in the year, but that is not the case. I need another option.

Decision Two: Cover up the mess by blending in the solution. I will put some kind of treatment around the damaged area to cover it. The challenge? Make it look like it belongs there, like it came that way from the factory. In other words, create a design element.

One piece of ribbon around the top is going to look stupid. It will look like exactly was it is... a last minute attempt to hide something! But three pieces of ribbon, now that's a possibility.

Decision Three: Find ornate ribbon or plain ribbon that can be layered.

The dress has ruching across the bodice. I would like to mimic that. The only ribbon I can find on such short notice in a matching color, is plain and ¼" wide. I bought enough to make my own trim that will be a layering of three ribbons.

I used a fabric glue to glue three lengths of ribbon together. I overlapped them slightly and used a thin bead of glue. I made the strips 40+ inches long.>

I now need a way to attach this ribbon stack to the upper edge of the dress. The machine is not going to work. It may cause additionaly fraying by putting it under the presser foot. It will also create a wobbly semline because of all the stitching and boning already in the dress. The only choice I have is to hand stitch it.

I practiced with little strips until I got a look I liked. The stitches have now become part of the design, and I really like the look. Though it took a little extra time, I'm really excited about the results.

I need to keep the top edge of the ribbon along the top edge of the dress. Attention to detail will pay off. I begin to attach the ribbon, with the hand stitches equally distant from each other. It's just a little time consuming, but I really do love hand work.

Keeping the edges aligned and the ribbon kind of taut, I attached it from one end to the other.

Here is how it is turning out. I will post pictures tomorrow of the finished dress.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Gown Emergency PART 1

I was given this gown to repair by one of the dry cleaners I work for. I never really got the full story on what happened to this dress. I have some theories, and I do know that it was a floor model and it was taken to be cleaned the week before the wedding.
The edges on the dress were severely threadbare, fraying as much as a quarter inch into the bodice of the dress. The dresss is strapless and these areas of weak fabric were all along the top edge of the gown.

My first reaction was to give the dress back to the cleaner. There is no way I had time (or inclination) to get into the gown, partially remove the boning, underlining and lining, then restitch the whole thing ½" into the bodice.
Who's fault is this anyway?
Who brings a dress to the cleaner the week before the wedding?
Why does it look like this and why am I putting myself out for someone else's lack of planning?

Well, the dry cleaner talked me into changing my mind. Believe me, I was not happy, but I couldn't be harsh enough to say "no". After all, the bride just needs to get into this gown and have a nice wedding. Basically I was guilted into it. I'm also getting the message that the bride doesn't want to pay a lot of money. She will be changing to another garment after the ceremony. But she doesn't want my repair to look like an afterthought either.

Really? What am I feeling right now? Trapped. But as a nice person, and a professional, I am also feeling the challenge to do my very best to make this dress look great. It's what I do. I rearranged some other commitments, changed my attitude and got to work.

Tomorrow I will tell you the ideas I had and my plans to fix up this baby!!!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jean Zipper w/ Double Fly

Jean Zipper with Extra FlyJean Zipper with Extra FlyJean Zipper with Extra Fly

Jean Zipper w/ Double Fly, a set on Flickr.
Here I have one of the weirdest zippers I have ever seen. For some reason the manufacturer decided to put in two Fly Flaps.
It's a pair of jeans made from really heavy denim. Really? There is no need for this in any pair of pants.

Replacing the zipper was not any different than another pair of jeans, except for the fact that the thickness was impossible to get through. I broke two needles before the job was done!

Boooo to you, Mr. Manufacturer.