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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Gown Emergency PART 1

I was given this gown to repair by one of the dry cleaners I work for. I never really got the full story on what happened to this dress. I have some theories, and I do know that it was a floor model and it was taken to be cleaned the week before the wedding.
The edges on the dress were severely threadbare, fraying as much as a quarter inch into the bodice of the dress. The dresss is strapless and these areas of weak fabric were all along the top edge of the gown.

My first reaction was to give the dress back to the cleaner. There is no way I had time (or inclination) to get into the gown, partially remove the boning, underlining and lining, then restitch the whole thing ½" into the bodice.
Who's fault is this anyway?
Who brings a dress to the cleaner the week before the wedding?
Why does it look like this and why am I putting myself out for someone else's lack of planning?

Well, the dry cleaner talked me into changing my mind. Believe me, I was not happy, but I couldn't be harsh enough to say "no". After all, the bride just needs to get into this gown and have a nice wedding. Basically I was guilted into it. I'm also getting the message that the bride doesn't want to pay a lot of money. She will be changing to another garment after the ceremony. But she doesn't want my repair to look like an afterthought either.

Really? What am I feeling right now? Trapped. But as a nice person, and a professional, I am also feeling the challenge to do my very best to make this dress look great. It's what I do. I rearranged some other commitments, changed my attitude and got to work.

Tomorrow I will tell you the ideas I had and my plans to fix up this baby!!!
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