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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shortening a Wedding Gown

Here is a note from Carolyn, She writes:

Was asked to shorten an A line wedding gown with a chapel train.{removing the chapel train entirely-making it even in length with the rest of the gown).10, up to 15 inches will have to come off -and I am stumped how to shorten the full chapel train, and will it look stupid? I plan to hand sew the hem. Any help appreciated!

My answer to her needs to be in two parts because I need more information. We'll start here:

Hi Carolyn
I have several ideas but I need some more info, please.
Are you shortening the whole gown, that includes a train (all one piece gown, not a train that is detachable)?
Do you have a picture? You can email it to me at If you don't have a picture, try going to Google and type in chapel train. Then go to the top left corner and click on images. You will get 815,000 results ... Yikes!! Try to pick one that looks similar to the gown you are working on. Roll your mouse over the picture and it will give you information. Copy that and send it to me; maybe a few, if you want). We'll get this thing going.
Remember, don't panic. It just a dress with a lot of extra fluffy stuff going on :) Oh, yeah, tell me how many layers, tulle, etc. it has.
If you are doing this for money make sure you charge enough. I usually start hems at $100.00 and this sounds like it should be more than that. You are also being paid for the risk you are taking by cutting this gown and working on it. There is no shame in being compensated for this.


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