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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are You Using the Right Size Needle?

It wasn't until I sewed a few inches on this hem that I realized that I hadn't changed my needle. I usually use a large needle that will go through most anything. I only change when the garment is delicate. Below you see why.

The needle is puncturing the fabric, not poking in between the threads. My stitches are actually distorting the fabric. Sometimes this is caused by a dull needle. Today, I know it is the size. I forgot to adjust for this bridesmaid dress.
IMG_1790.JPG Here's a little clearer view. Since the needle is poking the thread, rather than going through the weave, it pulls the threads, leaving those lines. They are not repairable. They are permanent.
IMG_1789.JPG Luckily, they are not visible from a distance. The client will not know my mistake. Whew! And I caught the trouble early enough that it only affects a small part of this hem job. Sometimes when you have done a job like this so many times, you get complacent. Avoid that at all cost, so your quality remains its best.

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