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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Double Work for Replacing This Jean Zipper

I have never seen a zipper constructed like This. It honestly wasn't too much different than replacing a regular jean zipper. But sometimes ya just gotta ask "Why?"

Jean Zipper with Extra Fly

At first I was confused by this extra fabric. What is going on here? Of course I had to take my own instruction, here. I begin almost every tutorial with Step One: Examine the Garment.
Jean Zipper with Extra Fly

After a closer look, I determined which stitches to rip out and where to place the zipper. Everything had to be attached to the inside fly area.
Jean Zipper with Extra Fly

Lastly, I had to attach the fly to the outer pant area and topstitch. Do you know why they made this like it is? Leave me a comment if you have it figured out!

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