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Friday, March 9, 2012

What Goes on at a Fitting with the Stitchin Magician?

Today you get to see a little bit of my fitting room. We have converted the dining room of our home to an office/fitting room. I have 2 mirrors covering the corner area. I have two bridesmaids today (one is taking these photos). They have dress with the same fabric, but different designs. The first one needs only a hem. The second one needs what I call Major Surgery. We'll catch up with that fitting with Amy another day.

Here you can see that most of my fitting work puts me on the floor. I actually prefer to work without a platform for the client to stand on. My hem marker is sitting off the the right, next to my desk. I have already made a line of pins where the client wants the new hem to be. After that, I pin the excess under, like it will be in the finished hem. That way she can look at herself and the dress and see if it's what she wants. I tell people, it's easy to change your mind now, so be honest about your feedback.
IMG_1726.JPG Here I am almost finished pinning the excess up underneath the dress. This dress has a distinctive flare, a few inches short of where the new hem will lie. I have advised the client that this flare will be somewhat exaggerated with the new length. The area from where the flare begins to the new hem is small, only 5 or 6 inches. We agree that it will create a kind of "babydoll" look. She thinks that's cool, so I finish up the fitting.

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